Uses of Bulk SMS in Insurance Industry


The insurance company helps build the country's capacity and improve our country's infrastructure through long-term financing. The insurance industry has developed rapidly and services in all areas such as auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance, shop insurance, children's insurance, etc. and everything is insured.

The insurance sector is expanding rapidly worldwide because it is the key to the development of every country. The insurance industry thrives on communication that supports developments at all times. Promotional SMS offers a special feature for the insurance industry. This industry uses mobile messaging for various purposes. The insurance industry sends out text messages for promotions, releases new updates and more. And achieves great goals by sending Bulk messages. With the help of Bulk SMS Solution, the industry builds good relationships with its customers.

Bulk Text service is an effective and fast means of communication. The insurance industry has a great tool in SMS Marketing. The insurance industry organizes promotions and simply sends offers to their customers via Bulk SMS. Finance & Insurance companies can remind their consumers of policy expiry dates via online SMS messages.


Insurance companies send transaction details, text alerts and notifications via Transaction SMS. The insurance industry offers its customers Bulk SMS services for new updates and increased customer acquisition, premium alerts, policy details, etc.

In this industry, Promotional SMS services are also helping to increase the number of services among customers. SMS Marketing is the best marketing tool and creates a platform for running contests, promotion campaigns, etc. Every insurance industry prefers Bulk SMS Services just because they are available at a very affordable price.

How to use Bulk SMS Marketing in Insurance sector :- 

Insurance companies need constant communication channels with their customers because they are in constant contact with them to resolve doubts, communicate insurance renewals, send out new promotions, retain customers, etc. And Bulk SMS is an ideal channel for this type of messaging. Here we will see the benefits of using SMS Marketing for effective communication with major customers, real cases and how to do it using the Instant tool. But first of all let's look at what the SMS can be used for if we have an insurance company.

Have a look on the list where BULK SMS can be use full in Insurance industry.


Monthly or annual policy renewals can surprise our customers and they may be surprised when fees are charged to their account. We can send them an SMS notification reminding them of the expiry date and the amount to avoid this inconvenience.


Your customers may have future appointments with sales executives , so you can send SMS notification reminders to improve your service and avoid wasting resources on missed appointments.


When we have multiple customers with outstanding payments, we may spend too much time calling them and processing the payment in person. We can recoup that time by SMS them a link to our payment page for a more convenient way to collect that debt.


Thanks to SMS Marketing , we can offer complementary products or products with a wider range than those contracted. A good time to send this type of message is usually just before your insurance renewal date.


As we have seen, we can use SMS for various activities, but apart from these short Text SMS making it easier to communicate with our customers, there are other benefits that we can take advantage of such as,


Unlike e-mails, which can take days to read, text SMS reach the recipient in less than a minute. With the right number, we can be sure that our message will be delivered very quickly.


The customization of our SMS campaigns is the key to their success. Not all of our customers have the same insurance policies, are not in the exact same location, or are not the same type of customer (prospective or current customer). It is very easy to configure your Bulk SMS Services  to be personalized, which helps our company to attract the attention of the target people.

Customer retention is one of the most important marketing strategies because we retain new customers for the long term. Loyalty is essential in all companies, but in insurance companies, where the duration of our insurance policies is very long, we dare to say that this is the most important issue. And Bulk SMS Service’s helps us build those long-term relationships with personal attention and constant communication with them by using SMS marketing.

OPEN Stakes

SMS Marketing beats email marketing in the never-ending battle for the open rate. 98% of text messages are opened, while the same percentage for email is only 21%. SMS is a more direct means of communication and people really want to know everything about their insurance. So when your text SMS go through this channel, you can be sure that they will be opened immediately.


Unlike other marketing channels, Bulk SMS Services is a very profitable channel (9 paisa per SMS), making it one of the marketing strategies with the best return on investment. Plus, with Instant, you can choose plans that perfectly match any of your insurance company's campaigns.


As mentioned above, we can use Bulk SMS as a promotion or payment reminder. In this case, IT Solution 4 India has combined the two options and given its customers the option of spreading the policy payment over several months. Undoubtedly a gesture that customers will appreciate, as it shows that the insurer cares about them and offers them additional services to those agreed.