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Long Code Bulk SMS Service :- By adopting Long Codes, Itsolutions4india allows you to send and receive SMS  from clients online in Delhi. When you get  an SMS, it is saved in your inbox, which is easily accessible and may be responded to and handled using the tools given as part of our plans and services. Your customers will find it very simple to access your services and may easily contact you for further information or even express interest in your products and services by just sending you an SMS. Our SMS Virtual Numbers are ideal for any closed group target audience, such as current customers, office personnel, vendors, and the business's marketing company.


Including a Long Code in your marketing strategy makes it easier, more cost-efficient, and more effective to communicate directly with your customers. You can use the same number for all of your campaigns. It also allows you to build unique identities for your mobile advertising. Our web-based control panel is completely functional, allowing you to reach out to your customers at any time and from any location. It's a simple control panel with a user-friendly interface. It has all of the relevant information on the panel, such as the sender's mobile number, the message, and the date and time of the message.

Our Long Code services in Delhi enable a wide range of industries, including wireless application service providers, mobile virtual network operators, mobile virtual network enablers, SMS aggregators, re-sellers, advertising agencies, media channels, and mobile infrastructure providers, to generate large amounts of mobile-originated SMS from subscribers. Our Voice-Enabled Long Codes can be used for both voice calls and two-way messaging. An existing landline number can also be text-enabled in the same way. Because there is only one number to call to reach you, this promotes a seamless client experience.

We provide a variety of Long Code options

10DLCs and Toll-free Numbers are the two types of Long Code numbers we offer, both of which are 10-digits long Code. Furthermore, the 10-digit Long Code is divided into Shared and Dedicated Long Code numbers, which are adjusted at the operator switch to handle large amounts of incoming data.
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10-Digit Long Code:
The Long Code is a Ten-Digit Virtual Mobile Number that customers may use to engage with apps by sending text messages and receiving the necessary response. Common services that can be used with a virtual mobile number include request-response, information on demand, and service activation. For example, Long Codes on detergent, cookie, or other FMCG goods packages might be used to receive a gift basket or cash back. Local 10-Digit Phone Numbers were initially reserved for One-on-One Conversation rather than Bulk SMS. The procedure is faster than using a Short Code.

Benefits of 10DLC:-
Keeping your local phone number will help you build trust.
Increased throughput.
Two-way messaging, MMS, and voice communication are all supported.

Advantages of Dedicated Long Code Service
It is used to generate leads or receive feedback from customers.
You have the option of choosing your own number.
The customer is charged the standard SMS rate.
Unlimited Keywords and a dedicated phone number.

Shared Long Codes: Keyword is used with our Shared Long Codes. A keyword is a unique word that is allocated to a Long Code Number; when you or your clients send an SMS from any mobile phone with a specific keyword that you choose, they will receive an automatic response that you specify. You can personalise the reply and information can be collected from your remote database based on the Keyword & Sub keywords by enabling URL forwarding in addition to automatic reply.

Toll-Free Texting 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 are all Toll-Free phone numbers. While many people are familiar with Toll-Free landline numbers, not everyone is aware that they may be converted to text-enabled in a matter of minutes. This means you can keep your current phone number, which improves your business's client experience in minutes. They're also less expensive than 10DLCs or Short Codes. Toll-Free Texting can be used for a variety of purposes and is capable of handling medium-volume messages. You can anticipate sending roughly 30 SMS per second, depending on the carrier. A Text-Enabled Toll-Free Number is ideal for most businesses unless they need to send thousands of messages at once.

Long Code SMS Features

2-Way Messaging-It Simplify your messaging experience by using Shared and Dedicated Long Codes that allow for seamless two-way communication.

Online Surveys—With the help of our Long Code Services, you can get real-time feedback on online surveys. People can send instant responses to the above-mentioned number.

Lead Generation-If your ad campaign includes the usage of Long Code, you can track the campaign's efficacy.

Auto Reply SMS-An auto reply message will be sent to every incoming SMS from the sender's cellphone number, and it may be adjusted according to the user's needs.

Unlimited sub keywords—You can create an unlimited number of sub keywords and control distinct auto responses for each of them.

Email Alerts-Using our Email Alerts services, you may communicate directly with your consumers without having access to your control panel, regardless of their location or time.

SMS Alert- You can get a message alert sent to your mobile number right away, allowing you to communicate with your customers from anywhere, regardless of where you work.

Live Reports—With our Long Codes, reports are updated in real time, and the same is true for webhook users, so they may benefit from the real-time reporting system as well.

Get an enterprise-level Long Code Solution—Our Long Code Services are designed for peer-to-peer (P2P) communication, which is when one person talks with another.

Free Keyword -Every Messenger account comes with a free keyword that can be used on our Long Code Number.

Dedicated long code -You can receive a Dedicated Long code, a Ten-Digit Phone Number, and set up many inboxes with as many keywords as you like.

QR codes -Because smartphones are capable of reading QR codes instantaneously, you can receive QR codes for messages. This saves consumers time when interacting with the application or service, which is absolutely free to use under our service.

» Short Long Code

These shortcodes are usually four or five-digit numbers that are less requesting to recall than the standard 10 or 11 digit long numbers.
Short Long code 2 it:- Shortcodes are gotten either through an ace association clearly or through a media specialized authority
Short Long code 3 it:- These short code providers use corporate establishment (like web aggregators) to send BULK SMS and they can oversee greater volumes of messages than is possible using a contraption.
long short code
long short code
» Long Code

Receive SMS online From Your shoppers To Implement 2 method SMS Feedback System. we provide Free Long Code variety For You To Receive SMS From Your shoppers. bulk SMS services provider company in Delhi