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According to the current TRAI guidelines, it is now possible to transmit messages to DND numbers via our Transactional Messaging in Delhi. Our Transactional SMS  is a text message sent to a customer when a business has to present them with important information. Order confirmation and tracking numbers, two-factor authentication, and password resets are examples of our Transactional Messaging Services. Our Transactional SMS services are a type of Non-Marketing Text Message delivered by a company to its customers that can provide useful information about a product or service during the customer's journey. It's also used to increase client contact by providing real-time alerts and confirmations for reservations and orders. Our Transactional SMS services in Delhi are mainly concerned with giving crucial information and alerts to potential consumers via our Bulk SMS Services in Delhi. Businesses utilise our Transactional SMS Services to communicate Transactional Information. You may send a message to a user directly after they register on your website or sign up for a webinar using our Transactional SMS services.

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ItSolutions4India offer the following Transactional SMS

Educational SMS: We send Educational SMS to students and parents to informed about attendance, fees and other notices.

E-commerce SMS:
You can send your customer's order updates, such as purchase confirmation, order arrival and return confirmations.

Critical Financial Information: You instantly update your client with crucial information such as money transfers, credited, debited and so on.

Booking Information: You can send a text message with booking details for gas, a business event, a plane, train, or bus ticket, and a doctor's appointment.

OTP SMS for Verification: With our Bulk SMS API services in Delhi, you can instantly verify a user's identity with an OTP. The security of your data and that of your customers has never been more crucial than it is right now. SMS one-time passwords (OTPs) can be sent automatically.

Order status: One of the most prevalent forms of our Transactional SMS messaging services in Delhi, received by e-commerce customers, is order status. When customers sign up for shipment updates, they'll see a message. The following order status updates are possible: your item is on hold, being processed, ready for shipping, shipped, and complete.

Delivery notification: Our delivery notification is received when a shopper's package is ready for delivery or has been delivered, as the name implies. After the shoppers have received all of the information about shipping updates, this sort of Transactional Message is delivered. A Transactional Message from a business informing you that your package will be delivered in an hour or a thank you text message from a business informing you that your package has been delivered are both common examples.

Receipt: All ecommerce firm can  send receipts through our Email or SMS, which is understandable given that you aren't buying in a physical store where they can print a receipt for you right after you finish a transaction. We use Transactional SMS Services in Delhi to process returns, allowing customers to send a photo of their receipts to return an order.

Other Messages: We also sends other Message relating to the bank account holder's account balance or the client's invoice amount or payment reminder.

Recurring Billing: You can tell your customers about recurring bills in the same way they can send receipts via our SMS services. For example, sends their lenders a text message around the same time every month to remind them of an imminent payment.

Appointment: When someone sets an appointment with your company, send our SMS confirmation containing the booking time and location right away.

Welcome SMS: You can send a welcome text to a user who sets up an account with you to start the SMS communication channel.

Our  Transactional Bulk SMS in Delhi offer following unique features:

Schedule SMS for Future: You can schedule SMS text messages to be sent at any time in the future, up to a year in advance.

No Time Restriction: Our Transactional SMS in Delhi is provided 24*7. Send notifications and reminders to everyone on our platform, and they'll be delivered right away.

Group Messaging: Our Group SMS services in Delhi are offered by ItSolutions4India. Sending communications to a group of people all at once is one of the most efficient services.

User-Friendly SMS Portal: Create a design for your firm panel for sending SMS. user-friendly, well-structured panel for sending SMS messages quickly.

Multiple Routes: Our Smart Routing technology distributes your Transactional Bulk SMS Service among numerous network paths that carry the least amount of traffic.

Send SMS With Brand Name: Use your company/brand name to personalize your SMS marketing. When sent to your clients' mobile phones, it's instantly recognized.

Reliable details tracking: When we buy something online, our minds feel a sense of virtual ownership, which triggers the endowment effect. You can keep your clients informed about the progress of their deliveries with precise online tracking using Itsolutions4india Transaction SMS services in Delhi. By delivering regular SMS shipment updates, Itsolutions4india  SMS services can assist you in creating a seamless delivery procedure, enhancing the client’s excitement about waiting for the online product.


Conveyance in each DND and Non-DND transportable numbers Online transactions have created a significant contribution to the planet of e-commerce and trade across the planet. however several doubt its services as several fallacious services additionally exist. to create these dealings safer and safe we offer transaction SMS services to companies that are able to be forwarded to the purchasers directly with the detailed information of the product and repair they ordered. we provide transactional SMS services in the urban center for bulk SMS marketing companies.
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