DLT Registration is now a Mandate!


What is DLT ?

DLT or distributed Ledger technology is about running a decentralized database digitally. The advantage of using a distributed network is that it doesn't require help from the central body to check manipulation. The telemarketers need to register on the platform. The transactions on this digital platform are recorded for the assets done in more than one place simultaneously. Therefore, the main idea is to control sms spam from different sources.

What is a Block chain?

Technologies evolve with the passage of time. Under block chain technology, all participants get to know the certainty of what is going to happen. There is no need for any intermediary to assure the data or reconcile it later on. The block chain can be rightly considered a sub-set of DLT with few differences in its functioning and transparency.

A Blockchain is a shared database where entries are encrypted for better usage. In the chain of the transaction records, the blocks are added as data with its predecessors. Block chain uses cryptographic signature technology, which is known as a hash.

DLT Registration Form

Key Features of DLT

  • The ledger uses cryptography for secured and immutable storage, ensuring secured data storage and eliminates data alteration
  • The distributed ledger gives transactional details, and unlike the traditional form of database, it cannot be altered
  • The distributed nature of DLT is unique, and there is no such place to store it as every peer part of DLT has a copy of the data.
  • The ledger is not connected with a single entity instead spread among nodes. Some nodes have a full copy of data while others only have the vital data part for efficiency of work

Block chain

  • It is a permanent and unaltered network that is immutable. Here, every node has a different digital ledger to work with
  • It is a transparent system and reduces the chance of corruption
  • It is a decentralized form without any governing unit to look after the framework
  • From cryptocurrency to documents and contracts, you can store anything in this
  • It has a better level of security to work with
  • It works on distributed ledger system, and everything is open out, and participants can get access to it
  • Every blockchain work on consensus to make it easy to operate, and it is the algorithm that users trust on


Why is DLT important?

The distributed ledger system is important, mostly highlighting features such as impenetrability, accessibility, and accountability. It makes the system suitable for business to keep records that helps create trust, retain it and maintain transparency among the nodes in the process. If you have to maintain confidential data with a high-security level and maintain transparency at the same time, it is DLT to switch for better results. This is the result of the technological boom that helps eliminate the hassles in handling data.


What is DLT Registration? Why It Is Required For SMS Service In India?

The distributed ledger system is a part of a registration system that works on blockchain technology for better data handling. The DLT has provided new guidelines as per the telemarketers need to register with the DLT platform before they send sms to the end customers. It has become mandatory for the bulk sms service as per TRAI. The updated rules demand that both transactional and promotional messages be sent if the customer has consented and should be registered under DLT. The update has been of benefit for the end customers, who often do not consent to receive the promotional messages. Therefore, without registration, the enterprises cannot send a message. The DLT was only used for transactions and other digital currencies. As of now, it has found many benefits to change the lifestyle of people and helps in data transparency online. As the block chain and similar technologies are introduced, DLT has become a popular one with its immense list of benefits and make data handling an easy task online. All these indicate how registration under TRAI has become a mandate for enterprises.


Updated TRAI Rules for Bulk SMS

Customers using SMS service would be helpful by the revised TRIA rules as it can prevent unsolicited communication. The revised version is mainly for enterprises and telemarketers who work on Bulk SMS service. The guidelines would help control acts of fraud or malpractice and boost the safety of the end-user. For any unsolicited act, telecom operators shall be held responsible. Moreover, if companies want to send promotional and other sms to customers, the company name should be registered with the telecom operator. The network system is governed under the mechanism of block chain technology, where the panels are interlinked for ease of operational survey.


Principal Entity

The organization would be sending messages, and it could be an enterprise or an individual, which is a private or public firm. The latest TRAI rules require eerie telecom operators to get registered under the DLT platform. The end customer can give consent on whether he or she wants to continue receiving the promotional sms from the concerned companies. However, the end-user is eligible for registering complaints, unsubscribing to receiving sms as per the latest TRAI rules.


How DLT Registration Helps Enterprises and Customers?

The enterprises which have included sms marketing campaigns as part of marketing need to register with the DLT platform. This is mainly as per the updated TRAI guidelines. This helps in maintaining the transparency of the enterprises with the customers.

The TRAI guidelines would also handle the SMS service for the customers who are opting to receive it. It helps maintain the trust issues for the customers. All operators are following this, and it demands enterprises and telemarketers to register on the DLT platform using simple steps as mentioned below.

However, after the registration, the telemarketer would get a unique number from the DLT, and it will help to refer in future as part of registration.

Benefits of customers

  • It helps eliminate problems of fraudulent and spam
  • Effective registration for enterprises and telemarketers helps in operational transparency
  • The block chain technology assures security
  • It requires to have customer’s consent before sending them the service sms

Benefits of Enterprises

  • Boost targeted outreach to a potential group of customers
  • Helps deploy better marketing practice for a targeted audience in the market
  • Helps develop better communication with customers who are interested in getting the service sms and maintaining communication
  • Templates and headers to be used are available on the platform


What is the difference between DLT and blockchain?

The main difference is that blockchain is one type of distributed ledger. Though blockchain works on a chain, DLT does not require such a chain to work on. Without requiring any proof of work, the distributed ledger helps in scaling work better. Unlike the block chain, DLT doesn't require any data structure to work with and give analytical results. The distributed ledger works with a database working on different regions or sites with a host of participants.

Though the ledger may sound similar to that of block chain, blockchains are nothing but distributed ledgers. However, not all blockchain is similar to DLT. Therefore, it can be said that blockchain is a subset of DLT.